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And that’s totally how that scene went, you can’t tell me otherwise.

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Somebody is melting … 

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Somebody is melting … 


natural love

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natural love


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My Tarot Card Reading of YunJae

Since I am like the biggest shipper of YunJae and I also do tarot card readings, I did a tarot card reading about YunJae and I just had to share it with all the other YunJae shipper out there (^.^)

Obviously, I want TVXQ to be 5 again and YunJae to be reunited. So, I wanted to know what was going on with Yunho and Jaejoong’s relationship right now, and how they felt about each other, as well as what’s going to happen to them in the future. Therefore, I did a past/present/future spread to see how they were like in the past, what’s going on with them now, and what might happen to them in the future.

So, here it goes.

Date & Time: January 22, 2013 @ 7:53 AM

Spread: 3-card Past/Present/Future spread (1 card each for the past, present and future)

Chosen Deck: Gilded Tarot Deck

Question: What is the past/present/future of Yunho and Jaejoong’s relationship? In other words, how did they feel about each other before (past), how do they feel about each other now (present) and what will happen to them in the future?

Past: The Devil

The Devil card represents a manipulative or controlling relationship. It represents one person in the relationship trying to control and manipulate the other. Obviously, this is not a positive card. I think that this card indicates that Jaejoong felt like Yunho was being too controlling and was trying to manipulate him into staying in TVXQ. I think Jaejoong was very unhappy in the situation and just wanted to leave (TVXQ), but Yunho didn’t want to let him go, and was doing everything in his power to stop him – through manipulation and control.

The thing about the devil card is that the enslavement is self-imposed. If you let yourself leave the situation, you have the power and strength to leave the situation – and that’s exactly what Jaejoong did (leave TVXQ). I don’t think the problem was the relationship or Yunho per se. I think the problem was that Yunho wanted to be with Jaejoong so bad (whether in the relationship or in the band), that he was willing to do anything to have him – even if it was manipulative and controlling and wasn’t good for Jaejoong.

The devil card also represents a very passionate relationship with a strong physical attraction, but also indicates obsession and possessiveness. I think Yunho and Jaejoong were very passionately attracted to each other, but the relationship was turning kind of detrimental because of the obsession and possessiveness.


Present: 8 of Wands

The Eight of Wands represents a period of stagnation and inactivity coming to an end with a high level of swift moving energy and excitement, followed by good news. I think Yunho and Jaejoong are experiencing a period of inactivity and stagnation in their relationship right now (i.e. not seeing each other) – but this is probably coming to an end soon with good news coming.


Future: 6 of Cups

The Six of Cups represents someone from the past coming back. This card indicates that when this person from the past makes an entrance, they bring happiness and satisfaction and joy. This card usually indicates nostalgia and reliving happy memories when you see the person again from your past. Therefore, Yunho and Jaejoong will probably see each other again and will be really happy to be meeting again.

However, this card does not mean that everything will be the same again and that they will get back together. It all depends on how things go when they do meet. Thus far, we can see that they will be happy to see each other. Whether they will be together or not, the cards can’t say yet because tarot cards can only predict things 6 months into the future – and all the factors are not in play yet – they have to meet first, and then we can do a reading to see if they will be together after they meet.



So, Yunho and Jaejoong had a turbulent relationship in the past (The Devil card) that was obsessive, possessive, passionate, controlling and manipulative. And that is what caused them to break up and have a period of stagnation and inactivity, but that period is soon coming to an end (8 of Wands). In the future, YunJae will see each other again and will relive past memories and have feelings of nostalgia (6 of Cups).

So, let me know what you guys think. You can check out online interpretations of these cards, and I would love to hear any comments that you guys might have. And don’t forget to follow my Tumblr for more tarot readings of YunJae, or my Twitter ( If you have a tarot question about YunJae that you would like to ask the cards, please private message me the question. =)

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Best massagist to YunHo: JaeJoong~

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A YunJae Body Language Reading.

I didn’t even know there were such things as body language readers. Apparently, you can learn a lot about a person - and the relationship between two people just by looking at their body language. A body language expert dissects Jaejoong’s and Yunho’s body language towards each other and discusses what she thinks. Interesting stuff, that I always suspected. Hehe… (^.^)